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Small Cold Water Sanitizer

Small Cold Water Sanitizer

This sanitizer is designed for the small operation that is required to chlorinate the pecans prior to processing. This machine provides a fast and simple way to sanitize pecans for your customers.

The small cold water sanitizer has an automatic fill valve, stainless steel tank, and an enclosed dumping basket that is made of carbon steel. The basket will hold approximately 60 pounds of pecans.

Operation is simple. Lower the basket filled with pecans into the water chlorine solution for the required amount of time. Lift, let drain and dry, then dump the sanitized pecans into the cracker. To operate faster, two baskets may be purchased. A small electric chain hoist is also recommended


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Small Cold Water Sanitizer



Estimated Crated Weight:



After each day of operation, drain the water, and remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated in the bottom of the tank.

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Small Cold Water Sanitizer