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New information on the Modern Electronics Pecan Cracker.


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Photo Gallery

14 Inch Pecan Sheller

14-inch Adjustable Pecan Sheller

After pecans have been cracked, they are ready for shelling! The Modern Electronics Sheller agitates the cracked pecans so that the shell and nut meat are no longer clinging together. Once the shell and nut meat are separated from each other the mixture is discharged together into the desired bin or container. Improperly cracked pecans are discharged through the Override Chute.

The Pecan Sheller is supplied complete with one 1/2 HP. Single Phase Motor, Manual Ring Gap Adjustment, Paddle Shaft Speed Adjustment, and standard length Legs. The Discharge Hopper, Override Chute, and Protective Covers are fabricated of stainless steel sheet. All internal product contact surfaces, except the Paddle Shaft and Sheller Rings, are zinc plated mild steel. There are no parts inside the sheller that are painted. Only the base frame, which is made from mild steel, is painted light gray.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Call for a formal quote.




The 14" Pecan Sheller can handle the output of five Modern Electronics Pecan Crackers (approximately 500 lb/hr). Output is subject to change from year to year and variety to variety.

Estimated Crated Weight:



Modern Electronics has provided usage and maintenance instructions. To find out more information on the 14" Pecan Sheller click on the "Maintenance" link below.

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14 Inch Pecan Sheller