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We can build custom equipment for companies that are in any food processing industry. contact us.

Looking for a complete shelling system? Check out the Eagle Shelling System! From cracking to finished product; It takes care of it all.

Need a way to separate your nut meat from your nut shell? Browse over to the Cyclone Head Blower page and find out how!

We have added the C.I.T. Sizer and the Five Screen Stack Sizer . Check them out! They are sure to answer your sizing problems.

Inspection Table information has been added to our Products Page.

See our 14 inch and 18 inch diameter Pecan Shellers here.

New information on the Modern Electronics Pecan Cracker.


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Cracking & Shelling

The Cracking & Shelling process includes equipment for cracking, shelling, sizing, and separating the nut meat from the shell via Pneumatic separation (Blowers or Aspirators). If you have any questions about these or any other products, please contact us.

Pecan Crackers

Previously known as the Meyer Automatic Edible Nut Cracker or Meyer Cracker, this pecan cracker has been used by commercial and non-commercial pecan shellers for years.

Pecan Shellers

Time proven and trusted designs; These shellers allow you to remove the nutmeat from the shell while keeping as many pecan halves as possible.

Nut Meat Sizers

Constructed with high quality and longevity in mind, These sizers will efficiently size your product so a greater degree of nut meat/shell separation can be obtained with your blower(s) or aspirator(s). Sizers of this type are also used to remove halves from pieces before the pieces are routed to a Vacuum Syphon Float or a Pressure Float.

Pneumatic Seperators

Blowers and Aspirators have been used extensively in the edible nut processing industry to Pneumatically separate the shell from the nut meat.



Aspirators are highly customizable. Below are only a few aspirator options that we offer.

Cracking & Shelling